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Reador relies on a semantic environment to help you:

  • Determine accurately the semantic field used on online discussions, to never miss a content that matters.

  • Detect feelings expressed through messages, to better establish your social reporting.

  • Dig deeper inside the web, to better understand a news’s content and watch out for related news, event though they doesn’t directly refer to your keywords

Each fresh news we analyse helps Reador strenghtening its tags base. Evolving every day, these newly added tags are more parameters to filter your contents and build more relevant and abundant journals.

To reach that level of effectiveness, we rely on top notch Semantic technologies such as SPARQL RDF, language examination, DBpedia Virtuoso and other tools related. (learn more).

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I strongly recommend Christophe from Reador. He belongs to the true Semantic experts, with an end-to-end Semantic technologies mastering we all need to build the future. We are very satisfied about Christophe’s performance.

Deployment of DBpedia Live FR
for the French Ministère de la Culture

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